Who are ‘Teach the Future’ and why do we support them?

Who are ‘Teach the Future’ and why do we support them?

We’re thrilled to announce our latest partnership with climate campaign Teach the Future. We can’t wait to start achieving great things together, so let’s get to know Teach the Future a little better.

Who is ‘Teach the Future’?

Teach the Future is a campaign aiming to improve climate education in the UK. They’re campaigning the government to pass their Climate Emergency Education Bill, written by young people for young people. But their work doesn’t stop there. They are empowering people to stand up and take climate action, whether that be by raising awareness on social media, signing their petition, or reaching out to their local MPs. Climate education is crucial as climate change affects us all. Today’s youth could be the sustainability leaders of tomorrow, but they need to be equipped with the right knowledge and tools to turn their ambitions into reality. Young people, with help from Teach the Future, also have agency today to influence the adults in their lives.

Teach the Future wants to revamp the curriculum from primary school to university - to equip young people with climate action skills at all levels. They are also campaigning for more green vocational courses in colleges to train the practical skill sets needed to transform industries on the road to net zero.

While politicians and educational policy is yet to change, the young people, working with Teach the Future, are enabled to sort the problem themselves. They’re delivering Teach the Teacher into 200 secondary schools a year. Teach the Future is helping teachers improve climate education in their own classrooms. Many teachers feel underprepared to teach about climate change1, and this collaboration aims to bridge the gap by creating a network of teaching staff that can share advice and resources.

Our partnership.

At E.ON Next we believe it’s easier to change habits and work towards a sustainable future when we do it together. Since more than 20% of carbon emissions currently come from home energy2, we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that our vision of the future is a sustainable one. That’s why we’ve partnered with Teach the Future to support robust climate education - to prepare the next generation for climate action. We’ve already kicked things off by raising awareness about eco-anxiety - a growing issue among young people. By providing access to education and helpful resources, we hope to empower more people to manage their eco-anxiety and take positive steps to climate action. Together we can make a difference.

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Published 08/10/2023