How can the E.ON Next Energy Fund help me?

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The E.ON Next debt fund has been created to help our customers who are experiencing financial hardship and are struggling. With the energy prices currently on the rise, this may be helpful to you and your family. We understand that rising bills may mean you're not able to cover the costs of your energy usage. We're here to help, which is why our Energy Specialists have put together some helpful information about the fund. What is the E.ON Next Energy Fund? The E.ON Next Energy Fund is split into two helpful solutions where we can give you support: Help with bills. The first option is to help with paying your gas and electricity bills through grants, that will help you to become more financially stable and more importantly, getting you back in control of your finances. The grants are awarded so that you can take control of your finances by clearing your household energy debts so you can pay your future bills. Appliance replacement. We're also offering our customers a replacement appliance that is more energy-efficient, such as a cooker, fridge, fridge-freezer or washing machine. If yours is broken or in poor working order get in touch with the fund. What do I need to do? The first thing to do is to find out if you’re eligible for the fund. If you are, you can fill out an application online. To complete the application you'll need your E.ON Next account number and a recent meter reading so we can get your balance up to date. Our Energy Specialists are here to help if you're concerned about the impact of the price cap rise on your energy bills. If you're struggling to pay, please visit our help page to find out more about how we can support you. You can reach out to our Energy Specialists for personal advice on WhatsApp. You can also find more information over on our price cap information page.

Published 07/04/2022