We're teaming up.

We're teaming up.

Batman and Robin. Han and Chewie. Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby. Over the years we’ve seen a number of great team-ups who’ve made a difference, and now it’s our turn. We’re here to unveil our new partner: Localgiving.

How do Localgiving work?

Localgiving is the only online fundraising platform that is supporting local charities, communities and unregistered groups in the UK. Their mission is to strengthen UK communities by safeguarding the sustainability of the local voluntary secretary, and we want to help! We know that progress happens with each little step, so we’re committed to supporting worthy causes through Localgiving and getting each of us involved, any way we can. Here’s some more on Localgiving:

  • Over £24 million raised and distributed to local charities.

  • Over 7,000 charities and community groups.

  • More than 270,000 individuals have donated to a local charity or community group through the platform.

  • Widening donor access with Match Funding.

  • Enabled unregistered groups to increase donations by 25% by qualifying for government grants.

So why Localgiving?

We chose Localgiving as they share our view that it’s the small steps we take that make the big difference and that they support unregistered charities, giving them the chance to shine. We’re supporting Localgiving to deliver two important projects that will support small charities across the UK in 2021. Our donation will be funding:

  • Our Local Hero campaign, which annually supports small charities and community groups to raise over £125,000 towards their work.

  • Our online fundraising and crowdfunding training that will provide support for over 3,000 small Charities and community groups to grow their fundraising skills.

Here’s what Chris from Localgiving had to say:

"Localgiving is delighted to be working in partnership with E.ON Next. We believe that there is great synergy between our organisations due to our aims of supporting individuals to make their communities and the world a better place. E.ON Next have shown a great interest in the small charities that we work with and we are looking forward to the impact that we can have on the voluntary sector."

Giving back and feeling good.

To show what a difference we can make, even from our own homes, we’ll be working with Localgiving and a number of charities and keeping you up to date with what’s happening. Whether it be an Energy Specialist doing a sponsored run to our Marketing Manager helping out a charity with their website, by connecting people we’re hoping to build a more sustainable future for everyone. Want to join in? Switch to E.ON Next today.

Published 17/02/2021