We #embrace our Nexties.

We #embrace our Nexties.

In the ever evolving digital world, virtual connections have become more important now than before. Our #embrace channel on Slack, our internal comms platform, connects all our Nexties who are passionate about celebrating diversity and inclusion. With over 400 members in the channel, and most of our Nexties work from home, #embrace is a sense of feel-good community like no other. In honour of #BlackHistoryMonth, a time where we reflect, we asked a few #embrace Nexties just how much it means to them.

What does #embrace mean to you?

Claire, SME Team Leader: Embrace is more than just a channel - it is a statement of intent and a commitment as a company to embrace every aspect of our varied and beautiful family so that every voice is heard, counted and valued. Monica, SME Energy Specialist: I think Embrace channel is just great! I have used it...it’s nice to have somewhere to express yourself and ethnicity without prejudice (as I know we all faced that at some time in our lives) I am fiercely proud to be of a mixed heritage but for years as a child I wasn't. It was very difficult for me and my family as I was growing up ..... but now I shout it from the rooftops ... I am proud! Freddie, Energy Specialist: Embrace affords me the opportunity to set into context the struggles and triumphs of mine and many other Black Briton's, influential leaders pioneers, activists and inventors from around the world...the African Diaspora.

How have you used #embrace?

Claire: I use it to catch up on the latest updates from the embrace team and to raise awareness on special dates in the year for example Black History Month. Monica: I have posted things that may of been of interest supporting BLM and Black history month. Freddie: I am about to use Embrace to its fullest extent I suppose, when I take part in our BHM Takeover here at EON Next. I am really looking forward to sharing some music and putting our struggles today in the context of this amazing story of the black struggle and its many victories.

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What do you hope comes from #embrace?

Claire: In terms of diversity and inclusivity, EON Next could be the blueprint for the corporate future. A company which becomes known on a large scale for real cohesiveness, understanding and acceptance. Monica: I hope Embrace educates people into the prejudices that some people sometime face and educates others that maybe haven't into the ways of different cultures and also lets people know that being different ( in any way shape or form ) is beautiful! Freddie: I would like people to come to the realisation, that, whilst the struggle against racial injustice may be unique, struggle against injustice is something we should all be advocates and proponent's of in any all its forms: women's rights, disability, gender etc; injustice, based on differences must/should never be tolerated by any of us; justice, peace and loving our differences is really my ongoing objective; it is that philosophy of love, unity and inclusion that I would like everyone to EMBRACE.

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Published 21/10/2021