DIY hacks to make your home winter-ready.

DIY hacks to make your home winter-ready.

Winter’s coming! And let's be honest, we all want to stay warm and cosy all winter long. How can you do that you ask? With these easy and clever hacks! Sit back, enjoy a hot cuppa, and enjoy a home that’s winter-ready.

Hack one: Cold drafts.

Seal up those drafty areas. Whether your home’s brand new, or 100 years old, almost every house has a draft. They can be found in windows, doors, attic hatches, pipes leading outside, and ceiling-to-wall joints. Locate and seal should be the trick. When you find the draft, you can decide on whether it’s best to use weather stripping or install new sweeps (it all depends on how large those gaps are). This won't just make your home feel warmer, but your heating bills will be less expensive.

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Hack two: Make use of quilts.

One of the simplest energy-saving cold weather hacks is using old quilts as curtains. Why? Well, they simply keep the heat inside. The thicker the better. It’s the perfect way to ward off that cold air creeping through your windows.

Hack three: Clear your gutters!

Winter is the most destructive period for your gutters, so it’s important for these to be clear. Watch out for damage from excessive foliage or hazardous weather conditions. Leaves and mud can block drainage too, which causes leaks into the roof and walls.

Hack four: Trim bushes and trees.

It’s really important to make sure any overgrown bushes or trees are trimmed back away from your house and electrical wires. This’ll help decrease any risk of property damage and power problems.

Hack five: Check for leaks.

The same idea of checking for drafts applies here too. For you to prevent heat loss, make sure your windows and doors are properly sealed. Check the weather-stripping around windows and door frames, and replace where necessary.

Hack six: Add rugs.

Even if you have carpets, rugs provide floors with insulation to trap the heat inside your home. This not only gives your feet the warmth they desperately need, but also increases comfort and cuts down on energy costs.

Hack seven: Know when to open and close your curtains.

Curtains really do impact the cold in your home. Don’t underestimate this. Is it sunny during the day? Open those blinds and curtains around the house and let nature heat your home for free. In the evening, close them up to prevent cold air from seeping inside. It’s as simple as that!

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Published 12/10/2021