Apps to help you go green.

Apps to help you go green.

Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of time on our phones. From scrolling through Facebook to choosing next-day delivery on that must-have purchase from Amazon, everything we want is just an app away. So, why can’t we use our apps to help us live more eco-friendly? Well the answer is, we can! There are a number of green apps out there designed to help keep track of your energy, make sustainable suggestions or help recycle unwanted items. Check out the list below and get downloading!


Want to see who out of your friends is the greenest? With Joulebug you can. It gamifies your everyday habits so that you get points for every green action you do, such as recycling or switching off lights which you can then compare against your friends. Whenever you complete an action, you can press the “Buzz” button and you’ll get awarded your points. You can then share it on social media to get the word out, or just to show how great you’re doing. The app will keep track of how much CO2 and water you’ve saved, as well as how much waste you’ve helped to avoid go to the landfill. You can also browse sustainable initiatives near you if you want to get involved in your community.


Over the past year or so, more of us have found ourselves cooking at home. Whether that be a fresh pasta dish for lunch or treating yourself to a full English for breakfast. With more eating at home comes more food shopping, and Kitche is an app that can help you reduce food waste in your home by keeping track of what you have in it. Once you’ve done your shop, open the app and scan the receipt. It will then add the various ingredients to your virtual pantry. All you need to do is go through and add reminders of when things are going to expire so that you don’t miss out on them. You can also track what you throw away, which can help you plan your future shops! Another great benefit of the app is that it’ll suggest recipes based on what you have in your kitchen, great if like me you’ve run out of ideas.

Giki Badges.

Have you ever wondered how environmentally friendly the products that you buy are? With the Giki Badges app you can. They have awarded thousands of products various badges based on their eco credentials so you can check what you’re buying. Whether you care about climate change, eating healthily, avoiding toxic chemicals or less plastic, the Giki Badges app will help you understand the true impact of the products you’re using. All you need to do is open the app and scan the product to see what information they have on it. They’re committed to inspire users to make small regular changes in their shopping that are good for you, better for the environment and fairer to others. Sounds like someone we know. All these apps are free on iOS and Android.

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Published 27/04/2021