What is the Priority Services Register?


We understand that it is a difficult time with the increase in energy prices, which is why we wanted to remind you of the support via the Priority Services Register. This initiative makes sure additional help is in place for customers who need it most, and when difficult situations arise. If this is the case for your household please read to see what this initiative is and how it can support you. What is the Priority Services Register? The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free support service for people who may be vulnerable. This can include factors such as age, health or disability, and people in vulnerable situations. This is provided by energy suppliers and also by the operators of the energy distribution network. We each maintain our own register for our customers, and you can simply contact your supplier to find out more and discuss whether you should join. How can the Priority Services Register help? There are various services that can be included in the PSR, that include:

  • Security — password protection from cold-callers, plus an identity-card scheme to use when visited by meter readers, for instance;

  • Accessibility — for blind and sight-impaired customers, we provide bills in talking braille or large print, plus Minicom and textphone facilities;

  • Reassurance — to help you manage your household budget, we can read your meter at least quarterly, to give more accurate bills if you don't have a smart meter;

  • Nomination — if you would feel happier having somebody like a family member or carer handle your bills for you, we can arrange for your bills to be sent or copied to them;

  • Preparedness — in case your energy supply gets interrupted, we can put in place priority re-connection measures and offer alternative facilities for cooking and heating; plus, we can provide advance notice if we have to stop your supply;

  • Convenience — if you have a prepayment meter, we can move it somewhere easier for you to reach and top-up regularly;

  • Safety — we can arrange annual gas checks for peace of mind.

Eligible customers. You can register for the Priority Services Register if you meet one of the following:

  • Have reached your state pension age.

  • Are disabled or have a long-term medical condition.

  • Have a hearing or sight condition.

  • Have a mental health condition.

  • Are pregnant or have children under 5.

  • Have extra communication needs (such as if you don’t speak or read English well).

There can also be temporary circumstances that can sometimes mean you require extra support for a limited period. This can include pregnancy, having children under 5 or recovering from an injury. How can I register? You can add yourself to the register or update your circumstances any time through your online account or by emailing us at hi@eonnext.com. Speech or hearing impaired customers can also put 18001 in front of our phone number, 0808 501 5200, to use text relay at no extra cost if you'd prefer to contact us by phone. Find out more about our extra help available for customers. If you have any questions about the Priority Services Register, don't forget you can chat to our team of Energy Specialists 24/7 on Facebook and Twitter.

Published 02/10/2022