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blog images Community Energy Project

Local energy projects and their power to transform UK communities.

Local communities, driven by their desire for a sustainable future, are taking control of their energy needs. This is gradually becoming normal practice. Here’s why it could benefit your community too.

blog images Understanding Climate Change Causes and consequences

Understanding climate change: causes and consequences.

It seems like hardly a day goes by without the topic of climate change appearing on the news. There’s a lot to take in. So here’s our handy digest of the key points, and some positive steps we can all take to reduce our own impact on the environment.

Blog Sustainable heating and cooling systems for business

The path to sustainable heating and cooling (or "how to sustainably heat your business and keep your finance director happy").

Here we will look at some of the more well-known sustainable HVAC solutions and try to address those worries. We think you will be pleasantly surprised, whether you own your business premises or a landlord renting them out.

20240129 Blog Geothermal Energy in Britain

Geothermal energy in UK homes.

What's the future of renewable energy in the UK? Learn how we can use the earth to heat our homes, and not the planet, with geothermal energy.

Wind farms blogs

Wind farms: The unsung heroes of the UK's clean energy revolution.

How wind farms are here to secure the future of British energy.

Blog UK government policies on climate

How climate change is influencing UK energy policies.

We look at what the current government is doing to help bring about the change we need and how it’s responding to the ever-increasing challenges that climate change brings. 

Blog- What's happening in the energy market 2024

Our energy specialists look at what's happening in the energy market.

Navigating the Dynamic Energy Market: Insights and Updates

20240108 E.ON Next blog image Your business guide to energy efficiency in SMEs

Your business guide to energy efficiency in SMEs.

To help you get a head start boosting your business energy efficiency, we’ve put together insights and advice tailored to a range of SME industries. Check it out and see how you could evolve your business energy.

20230322 Marketing Blog posts- Saving energy pays

Your energy saving A to Z.

Whether it’s to make your home more sustainable or make your money go further, we could all benefit from saving a bit more energy around the home. So here are 26 tips to help you do just that.


What is the Great British Insulation Scheme?

It might sound like the next Bake Off spinoff, but what actually is the government’s new Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS)? We’ve got the lowdown to guide you on if it could help you and how to apply.

20231106 Marketing Blog Images November How to find EV chargers around the UK

How to find EV chargers around the UK.

Public electric vehicle charging stations have been sprouting up on streets nationwide, learn how to find your local charging points in our simple guide.

Christmas light switches blog

‘Tis the season to switch off and save. Unwrap 8 seasonal switches for less energy and more fun.

At E.ON Next, we think using less energy should feel good - and just as magical. Try our top energy saving tips and you could reduce your energy bills without missing out on any festive fun.