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20240214 Blog HeatPump Benefits

Advantages and disadvantages of air source heat pumps.

Thinking of upgrading your home heating? Check out the pros and cons of air source heat pumps as an energy efficient boiler alternative.

BLOG Smart meter EV Tariff

Do I need a smart meter to get an EV tariff?

EV tariffs could help you charge your electric car at home for less. Sounds like a smart idea, but do you need a smart meter to switch?

Sun reading about pumped storage

Pumped storage electricity: sustainable energy - and then some.

What is pumped storage electricity and how does it work? Find out how we can use water to store electricity for a more secure and sustainable power grid.

leaf and flash windfarm

Hornsea 2 - our collaboration with the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

Our power purchase agreement to buy electricity from Ørsted’s Hornsea 2, the world’s largest offshore wind farm, off the coast of Yorkshire.

leaf looking at boiler

From cold to cosy. Fixing low boiler pressure.

Noticed a drop in your boiler pressure? There's a simple fix. Learn how to adjust your boiler pressure at home with our DIY guide.

BLOG - EPG and EBDS end

The Energy Price Guarantee and Energy Bills Discount Scheme have ended.

Our quick guide breaks down exactly what the EPG and EBDS were, when they ended, and how this change could affect your energy bills.

Can planting a garden reduce your carbon footprint?

Can planting a garden reduce your carbon footprint?

We often focus on how we can save energy and help the environment by reducing our carbon footprint in the home. So it’s high time we take a look at ...

Celebrating 4 years of E.ON Next.

E.ON Next celebrates its 4 year anniversary.

Our top energy highlights from the last 4 years. Take a look at what E.ON Next accomplished with the help of our customers.

Tethered vs untethered EV home chargers.

Tethered vs untethered EV home chargers.

Choose the right EV charger for your home. We're here to help with a quick guide to tethered vs untethered home chargers.

Blog World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day and beyond.

On World Kidney Day, we look at how our partnership with Kidney Care UK is helping make a difference where it counts.

blog images Are EV home chargers all the same

Home EV charging: What you need to know.

It’s important to choose a charger that not only charges your car but also suits your specific needs.

Celebrating neurodivergent women in business.

Celebrating neurodivergent women in business.

To mark International Women’s Day, Operations Manager Hayley Ball explains how neurodiversity has strengthened and shaped her career at E.ON Next.