International Scribble Day.

Save energy and set your imagination free, by relaxing with a spot of mindful art. Simply download and print out your free colouring pages – then let’s get scribbling.

Leaf drawing.

Join the #PowerShift.

With over 20% of CO2 emissions coming from home energy, let’s step away from our screens and pick up our pencils as we embrace our creativity for International Scribble Day. Colouring is a fun way to practise mindfulness techniques that can help to improve your emotional wellbeing and connect with the present moment.

Using less energy should feel good, join the #PowerShift.

The art of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a technique for connecting with the moment without judgement. Try to set aside your expectations and allow yourself to simply observe. Artistic activities are a great way to channel your focus when practising mindfulness - and you don't need to be an experienced artist to take part.

To have a go at some mindful colouring of your own try to focus on the colours and sensations of drawing instead of working towards a set goal. Enjoy the experience of freely exploring your creativity. After all, colouring doesn't need to stay within the lines.

Learn more about practising mindfulness from our charity partner Mind.