A warm welcome to all Igloo Energy Supply Limited customers.

We've set up most of your accounts in our systems right now. If you've not already heard from us, get in touch.

Latest update - 1 February.

This information is correct for the majority of customers, however there may be some exceptions.


  • Your E.ON Next account is set up: You should have received your new account number. You'll be able to log in to your online account to check your details and set up your Direct Debit

  • Igloo Energy credit balance transferred: If your Igloo account was in credit on 3 October, you'll be able to see the credit on your E.ON Next online account and your first bill.

  • Final bills: If you'd already left Igloo Energy to go to another supplier, we've sent you any credit that's due

  • Your first E.ON Next bill: We've now produced your first bill and let you know it's ready. It includes any credits due from Igloo Energy.

  • If you left Igloo Energy after we took over supply, then we’ve sent you a bill for the 3 October until the date you moved to a different supplier. This will include any credit balance from Igloo.

  • If you moved directly to E.ON Next we’ll be transferring any credit balance shortly.

We're your new energy supplier.

Igloo Energy is no longer trading. Ofgem appointed E.ON Next as your energy supplier from Sunday 3 October.

How do I get independent advice on what’s happened?

For independent advice, you can always check out Ofgem’s website or contact Citizens Advice.

What will happen to my Feed-in Tariff (FiT)?

As a generator, you need to switch your Feed-in Tariff to another FiT Licensee. E.ON Next is a mandatory FiT Licensee. You can find more details about how to switch to us at eonnext.com/fit or you can find a list of all FiT providers.

Your prices are governed by when you had your panels installed, so whichever provider you move to, you'll receive the same prices for the FiT scheme year that you're part of. Whichever FiT Licensee you move to will pay you from your last paid read, to ensure you have a continuity of payments.

What if I have a query about the meter readings you’ve used?

We worked with Igloo to ensure the meter reading used to open your E.ON Next account was in line with your previous consumption and used actual meter readings wherever possible to make sure you were charged accurately for your energy.

If you do have a query with your transfer meter reading, the best way to handle this is to take a photo of your current meter reading and email it to us at hi@eonnext.com for us to review.