A warm welcome to all Symbio Energy customers.

We've set up most of your accounts in our systems right now. If you've not already heard from us, get in touch.

Latest update - 4 January.

This information is correct for the majority of customers, however there may be some exceptions.


  • Your E.ON Next account is set up: You should have received your new account number. You'll be able to log in to your online account to check your details and set up your Direct Debit

  • Symbio Energy credit balance transferred: If your Symbio account was in credit on 3 October, you'll be able to see the credit on your E.ON Next online account and your first bill.

  • Final bills: If you'd already left Symbio Energy to go to another supplier, we've sent you any credit that's due

  • Your first E.ON Next bill: We've now produced your first bill and let you know it's ready. It includes any credits due from Symbio Energy.

In progress:

  • If you left Symbio Energy after we took over supply, then you'll get a bill from us for the 3 October until the date you moved to a different supplier. This will include any credit balance from Symbio.

We're your new energy supplier.

Symbio Energy is no longer trading. If you're a customer of theirs then Ofgem has decided that we should take over supplying your energy from Sunday 3 October.

There's no need to worry, your energy supply won't be affected as we move your account to us. Let's go through what's going to happen and hopefully answer any questions you have.

We'll take it from here.

Don't worry, the lights won't go out, your electricity and gas supply will continue as normal. We'll work with Symbio Energy to move your account over to us, so you don't have to do anything.

You're in good hands, we’re part of the E.ON Group so rest assured we’re here to stay. If you like you can find out more about us.

It might take a while for everything to move over, but we'll let you know as soon as it is.

Getting started with us.

We'll need your meter readings when you're set up with us, to make sure that you're billed correctly. We'll let you know when we need them.

Moving over to E.ON Next.

Your tariff and switching supplier.

Having issues with your meter?

How do I get in touch?

We don't really have any more we can tell you at the moment but we’ll keep our FAQs page updated as soon as we have any additional information to share so keep checking back here regularly if you need to.

If you have any urgent queries you need to talk to us about we’re here from 9am - 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am - 4pm Friday on 0808 501 5435.

For all other queries, please visit our help and support pages or find out what to do in an emergency.