Moving home made easy.

Moving home made easy.

Moving home can feel overwhelming, with so much to organise your energy can become an afterthought. That is why we’ve created a quick guide that could save you energy and money throughout your move. Leaving you more time to focus on how to fit that last awkward bookcase into your moving van.

Did you know you can move your E.ON Next energy to your new place?

At E.ON Next we like to keep things simple. So take us with you when you move and you’ll be settled in no time. If you are already an E.ON Next customer you can log in to your account to manage your move in a few quick and easy steps. Or you can drop us an email at and we can work out the switch to your new property. We’ll do the heavy lifting, so that you can do the heavy boxes. Just make sure to include:

  • Your account number or email address.

  • The date you moved out and the closing meter reading for your previous home.

  • Your new address.

  • If you’d like a quote for E.ON Next energy at your new home.

As a new customer, moving to us is just as effortless. If your new home is already supplied by E.ON Next we will get in touch with you to let you know and walk you through setting up an account with us. If you would like to move to us from another supplier, you can get a quote in seconds by entering your postcode online. There’s nothing like that new home feeling, but 100% renewable electricity* comes pretty close.

5 energy saving tips for before you move home.

Check the EPC rating. Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) assess home energy efficiency and suggest improvements. The more energy efficient your new home is, the less energy you will use – saving you money on your energy bills from the day you move in. Check the EPC rating of a UK property on the government website. Compare suppliers. Before you get your new house keys, find out who your new energy supplier is. Compare them to available alternatives and choose the best deal for your lifestyle and budget. Find out if you can move to our 100% renewable electricity* by checking the E.ON Next tariffs. Renewable energy solutions. Renewable energy isn’t just good for the planet, but good for your bank account too. Check if your new home has any extra renewable credentials like solar panels or heat pumps, as they can save you money on your energy bills. Home EV charger. If you have already made the change to an electric vehicle (EV) a home EV charger is a must-have accessory for your driveway. From 2035 the government is banning the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles (previously the ban was from 2030, but pushed back to 2035 by the government in 2023), so an EV charger is a great way to future-proof your home. Find out more about making the switch to an electric vehicle. Closing meter reading. Break ups are always hard, but it is important to let your energy supplier know when you are moving out of your old home. Send them a closing meter reading so that you can’t be charged for energy used after you leave. Learn how to read your meter.

5 energy saving tips for after you move in.

Opening meter reading. When you first move into your new home, the last thing on your mind is your energy. But before you start unpacking, find your meter and send a meter reading to your new energy supplier. That way you can’t be charged for energy used by the previous occupants. If E.ON Next is your new supplier, find out more about moving into your new home – and welcome! Energy efficient appliances. Fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, and tumble dryers are the biggest household energy users**, so they rack up quite a bill over their lifetime. Shop around for a good appliance rating (A is now the most efficient) and save money on your energy bill each year. Get more tips on saving energy with your new appliances. Smart meters. No textbook needed to make your new home smarter. Smart meters keep you and your energy company informed on your energy use – letting you take control of your energy bills, and letting us reduce carbon emissions***. Learn more about the benefits of smart meters and book a free appointment online. Boiler replacement. Heating and hot water make up over a staggering 50%**** of the average household energy bill. Updating your boiler to a newer, more efficient model could cut down your energy bill and your carbon footprint. Save £150 on a brand new boiler at E.ON Next. Insulation. Insulation is like a blanket for your home, so you can spend less energy on your heating. There are several types of insulation: loft, cavity wall, solid wall, floor, and tank insulation. They won’t all be a fit for your new place. But your surveyor can advise on the best insulation options for you. By saving some time and money on your energy you can spend more time on turning your new house into a home. If you are an existing E.ON Next customer, or are interested in moving to us, we can help make switching simple when moving home.

Contact our Energy Specialists if you’re having difficulty.

Our Energy Specialists are here to help you if you’re concerned about your energy bills or need advice with moving. If you’re struggling to pay, please visit our help page to find out more about how we can support you. You can reach out to our Energy Specialists for personal advice on Facebook and Twitter.

Feel the Community power.

The E.ON Next Community is a space for customers just like you, sharing their experiences to offer a helping hand. Find support or suggest your own unique topics, plus get involved in discussions of all the latest news. Join the conversation now.

Published 11/15/2022

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