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So you’ve reached your destination through the ups and downs of eco-anxiety, and now you want to take action. Discover unique ways you can make a difference based on all the special things that make you… you.

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Every step we take, no matter how small it seems, brings us closer to a healthier world – mind, body, and environment.

Whether you want to discover new ways to manage your wellbeing on your journey through eco-anxiety. Or help to protect our planet's future for all its diverse inhabitants. Choose your path, and change will follow.

Help to tackle eco-anxiety.

There are lots of routes you can take to manage your eco-anxiety. Find support that’s tailored to your beautiful, brilliant, and utterly unique brain.

“I want…

Perfect for: exploring the connection between mental health and climate change.

The first step to finding the right support for eco-anxiety is to learn what it is and how it might be affecting you. Force of Nature hosts a series of engaging and informative podcasts that cover a wide range of topics, from climate grief to affecting systemic change. Hear from incredible expert guests as they discuss their unique perspectives on climate emotions and routes to action.

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Perfect for: talking through your emotions and finding support.

If you feel your eco-emotions are getting on top of you and you would like to talk them through with someone who understands, you can find support from Mind. Mind offers a wide range of resources to support your mental wellbeing. From online advice to free local services, plus fantastic signposts to other helpful places, you can get the support that works for you.

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Perfect for: finding calm and comfort when feeling overwhelmed.

Experiencing panic and anxiety can be incredibly distressing, so it is helpful to have a technique that calms you down in the moment. Rootd is a simple to use app that can support you through a panic attack until you feel back in control. It also has short term and long term guidance to help manage and reduce the anxiety you are experiencing over time.

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Perfect for: overcoming distraction and procrastination to focus on your goals.

When we are feeling stressed or overwhelmed it is easy to fall into the trap of procrastinating, which prevents us from resolving the challenges we are struggling with. Flora is a lovely app that supports your goals by rewarding you for not using screen time as a distraction. You can plan your tasks in the app before setting focus times to accomplish them. Flora will plant trees if you successfully stay on task and avoid using unnecessary apps.

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Perfect for: finding creative ways to engage with your emotions.

It is not always easy to talk about our feelings. So instead of struggling to find the right words, try exploring your emotions through art. Using litter to create your art is a powerful way to work through your feelings about climate change. You can use Litterati to track your litter picking efforts, and see how your creative outlet has a positive influence on your community in real time.

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No matter where you are on your journey, the E.ON Next Community is a safe space to find climate conscious people sharing the road. Whether we supply your energy or not, anyone can sign up. After all, we all have the same goal - so let’s support each other and build a happier, healthier planet for everyone.

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