Solar panels – why should I get them?

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With all this warmer weather going around, it seems like a good opportunity to talk about how you can use the Sun to not only top up your tan, but also top up your savings account. Powering your home with solar energy could save you up to £780(1) a year on your electricity bills. Plus you’re joining the world’s fastest growing renewable energy solution.

Are solar panels right for me?

Making the choice to power your home with solar energy can be a big decision, so it’s important to get the information you need. By generating your own solar power, you reduce your carbon footprint as well as the amount of fossil fuels being used to power your home. It also means you’re more independent from the National Grid as well as gaining greater control over how and when your energy is used.

How solar panels are installed.

See how solar panels and battery storage are installed with our customer and colleague, Brian who shares his home installation journey.

Get paid for the energy you generate.

Want to get your side-hustle on? With the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), you can earn money back for exporting your excess solar energy to the grid. So if your solar panels have been having a great month, you can too. SEG is available to both residential and business customers through a specific tariff. All you do is check if you’re eligible, sign up and then provide your meter readings so we know how much to pay you.

Get paid for exporting energy

What happens at night?

This is where solar batteries come in. Solar battery storage allows you to store any electricity you generate through those panels on your roof, and use it in the evening or at a later date. It means that you increase your independence from the grid and keep that renewable feel-good feeling(2). There are different sizes of batteries depending on how much energy you’ll generate and what kind of solar storage capacity you’ll need.

So how do you get solar panels?

By speaking to one of our expert team, that’s how. We have several solar packages which can be tailored to meet your requirements. And with our flexible finance options you can spread the cost. For more information on our solar panels, start your solar journey today.

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Published 29/07/2021
Edited 11/04/2024