What’s happening with your bills?

20231121 Blog-What’s happening with your bills

Ofgem has announced that the new price cap will be £1,690 from 1 April 2024.

We know this comes at a time when we’re all continuing to face a rise in the cost of living. That’s why we want you to know that we’ve still got your back. This guide provides answers to what is changing from 1 April 2024 and how it will affect you, as well as a wide range of resources and support that we have available to help you manage your energy bills.

What’s changing on 1 April 2024?

The price cap is set by the energy regulator Ofgem, and is the maximum price per unit your energy supplier can charge you. It’s changing on 1 April for customers on standard variable tariffs. Read more about the price cap.

We know that energy prices have been high for a long time so we have a range of financial support and independent advice available to help you. Let’s find the right support for you.

Financial support.

Additional support.

  • Impartial energy advice. Get independent support and advice from Citizens Advice on all your consumer questions – energy and beyond.

  • Mental health support. We are partnered with the mental health charity Mind, who are there to help you find the right support for your mental health.

  • Priority Services Register. If you are vulnerable you could be eligible for support from the Priority Services Register, such as priority reconnection if your energy supply stops unexpectedly and a free gas safety check.

  • Kidney Care Uk. We partner with Kidney Care UK, the UK's leading kidney patient support charity. They offer advice, support and financial grants and assistance to thousands of kidney patients and their families every year. E.ON Next has teamed up with Kidney Care UK to signpost additional help available to people living with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), including people who undertake their life saving dialysis at home. 

  • Home mobility aids. Improve your mobility and wellbeing at home with free home mobility aids for eligible customers from Homes for Living.

  • Fuel poverty. Get help fighting fuel poverty with free resources and advice from National Energy Action.

  • Emergency fuel support. If you have a prepayment meter but are struggling to pay you could get debt advice and emergency support from the Fuel Bank Foundation to help you get back on your feet. If you are self-disconnecting from your energy supply please contact us immediately, we have support available to help you – no home should go without energy.

Price cap explained.

Understanding your energy prices can feel confusing. That’s why we’ve broken it down the energy price cap for you in this video. Plain and simple.

Our top tips for lower energy bills.

Saving energy at home leads to lower energy bills. We’re sure you’re already doing everything you can think of to use less energy, but we’ve created a quick list of our favourite energy saving tips for a little extra inspiration. See if you could be saving more. It’s not just our household habits that can save us energy. Improving the energy efficiency of your home could help reduce your energy use even further. From insulation to smart thermostats, we’ve done the maths for you. Find out the most cost-effective home improvements. You might also benefit from one of our home solutions, like solar panels or an air source heat pump. Not only could they reduce your carbon footprint, but they could also lower your energy bills. Generate your own energy by harnessing the power of the sun with £200 off a solar panel installation. Or experience the marvel of extracting warmth from chilly winter air with £350 off an air source heat pump.

Support with your bills.

We want to reassure you that we are dedicated to helping you where we can. We have put together some helpful resources where you can access support from us, charities and the government.

Contact our Energy Specialists if you’re having difficulty.

Our Energy Specialists are here to help you if you’re concerned about your energy bills or need advice with moving. If you’re struggling to pay, please visit our help page to find out more about how we can support you. You can reach out to our Energy Specialists for personal advice on WhatsApp.

Feel the Community power.

The E.ON Next Community is a space for customers just like you, to share experiences and offer advice. Find support or suggest your own energy topics, plus get involved in discussions on the latest energy news.

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Published 24/08/2023
Edited 23/02/2024